rosa desnuda capitulo 5

Rosalina wanted to know if Baldaro had really tried to talk to Ramiro, all she cared about was whether Ramiro was so opposed to the idea that they would finally be together. It would be dangerous for her if she was to leave their common hiding place, so she would risk her relationship with Baldaro. Marianella waited until the police came in so she could see for herself how Baldromo had been arrested and taken to jail where he had sat for years and not marry Rosalina.

What Rosalina did not know was that they were devising a malicious plan to separate them while she waited patiently for her lover to come. She did not imagine that at that time Marianela had made herself in case of rape and had made Baldemero touch him against her will, because he had rejected her and told her he preferred Rosalina rather than her.

Rosalina left Remiro with a message in the voice mail and he wanted to do what he promised Elba, he gave her his word that he would separate Rosalina from Baldmaro. Ramiro told Catalina that she’d better not open her mouth for her own good and she would not suffer if she found out what he was planning to do with Alba.

Alba was not going to keep silent about the surgeons’ act, and she was willing to go too far to get what she wanted.

Alba wanted to take money if Ramiro agreed to give her shelter to protect her because she was evading the police on repeated pretexts that she was not Veronica’s real murderer, that she had insisted on resigning as soon as possible so the police would not catch her and make her spend a lot of time in jail. Rosalina saw that Ramiro had not answered her on the cell phone nor through the messages.

Everesto accused Baldermo of having raped Marianella and asked him to turn himself in. If he did not, he would tell Rosalina the whole truth about the shocking rape that Marianella had caused him. Baldromo tells him that he has not tried to touch her even with a hand and that he will love Rosalina and that’s why he does not want to be with Marianella at all.

Alba went on as though nothing had happened, as if she had killed no one. The main problem was that even if Alba was so bad, she would not hesitate to fake the labels just so she would not be thrown into jail because murderers like her should know how it feels to be imprisoned and that no one is looking at you.

Alba was a respectable maiden whom everyone knew well in the city, even the fact that she was beautiful she did not stop for a moment with her evil.

She knew very well how to manipulate the manipulations on the most innocent people in the world.

Ramiro goes out to the car that Alba had sent to him and asked him to come see her in private. Catalina followed him to look where he was hurrying so suddenly. She wanted to keep Alba from seducing Ramiro in all directions because she knew she was like a bee.

Catalina did not want Ramiro to see her and again he would frighten her with his threats. Because he was Rosalina’s older brother and he did not want her relationship with Baldrawo to continue.

Marianella waits for the police to catch Baldraw’s trail even though he has not done anything to her.

Finally, Baldaro is arrested walking to his home by the police. Everesto tells him that he will spend many years in prison and that he will not marry Rosalina because he tried to take Marianella unwillingly and raped her even though she told him explicitly that she did not want to be with him. She wanted to hit in his most sensitive spot, and she did well.

rosa desnuda capitulo 5
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