rosa desnuda capitulo 6

Baldemaroo did not know what to do with himself in those moments, how Marianella had accused him of what he had never done to her, rape was the most extreme accusation that Marianella could find to bring him down in the honey trap she had buried him, and she had succeeded in her mission because he told her he was not Loves her and will never feel the same about her, because the only one that really interested him is the one and only, his beloved Rosalina.

How did he get in like this? Now he really could not fulfill his shared dreams with Rosalina, he really wanted to marry her but Ramiro was prejudiced about him and he never agreed that Rosalina would continue to meet him because Baldmaro was a simple gardener who liked to do his work with all his heart.

Ramiro wanted the best for Rosalina and wanted to get to know another guy that she would marry him even if she did not want to.

He thinks to himself what he did so badly to Marianale that she would want to send him to jail for the reason that he had been sitting there for many years for nothing, for an act of rape he had never committed.

He just wants to run away and see what’s going on with Rosalina, to explain to her that there are some people who do not like them wanting to get married. But he could not do anything because his hands were tied.

He swore to the guards that he would fight blood for his right to be free, that he would always love Rosalina no matter what happened between them, she would always be his lover forever.

Even if the judge sentenced him to life imprisonment, his love for her would remain stronger than ever.

He knew full well that even if he spent years in prison on a Marianella charge that he had allegedly raped her, in fact all this had not happened.

Everesto tells Marianella that the police have finally arrested Baldromo and informed her that he has been sitting for many years and in the end he will not be able to marry Rosalina as he promised her. Marianella rejoices and celebrates with Everesto the new news together about Baldmaro’s arrest by the police. Everesto promises Marianella that he will do everything he can so that Baldemaro will be convicted and will remain in prison for many years to come.

He also adds that they managed to convict Baldromo together that he raped her and they also made Rosalina unable to marry him. Everesto raises a glass of champagne alongside Marianella who does not stop bragging to Baldromo.

Everesto said goodbye to Marianella and said he had to go home to make some important arrangements. Marianale promises that Baldemaro will be punished for refusing to be with her and he spent many years in jail for everything he did to her.

Marianella closes the door behind her, bursting into laughter over the bitter fate of Baldromo who was sentenced to prison for years because he had in fact forced her unwillingly to please her.

Baldromo begs the guards to let him go and marry Rosalina, because he does not deserve to be in this terrible place. Mariannella just makes him emotional manipulations so he’ll be with her at the end, that Rosalina is not the best girl he has in the world.

But the jailers suggest that he confess everything he did to Marianella and that he took advantage of her innocence so that he could do anything he wanted to do with her.

The jailers are trying to convince him that he should get used to the fact that he will spend many years in prison because of what he did to Marianale. The judge will not take pity on him and let him go free because he will tell the truth and try to tell everyone that he is innocent because it is just a wicked plot He wanted to be with her, and he loved only Rosalina.

Marianale is a weak woman who behaves as if she is innocent but the truth is that she is not as saintly and saintly as everyone thinks and tries to defend her at all costs.

Ramiro encourages Alba to tell her that the police will not be able to trace her in the near future, and tells her that he will continue to be her partner and does not care how long it takes until he completes his partnership. Because the important thing was to separate Rosalina from Baldemero and make it impossible for them to marry because Ramiro did not want Rosalina, his little sister to go out with a simple gardener like poor Baldro because he had nothing to offer for her.

Alba reveals to Ramiro that she is the real murderer of Veronica and she wants to fight the doctors who operated on her after she was sent to the hospital when they found out she was murdered and did not fall as they originally thought when they tried to figure out what really happened with Veronica.

rosa desnuda capitulo 6
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