rosa desnuda capitulo 7

Rosalina was really worried about Baldamaro’s well-being and she didn’t know what to think.

Ramiro sent Rosalina that Baldamaro went to jail because he raped Marianella and he enjoyed the thought that they were not together and Rosalina would not marry Baldamar at all.

Ramiro celebrated with Alba the success of Phase One of their joint program and Alba kissed Ramiro for supporting her and the only one who believed in her innocence, Alba felt in heaven that she realized Ramiro was the guy of her life.

Rosalina thought she was going to die and she did not know if she would accept that Baldamaro had to spend many years in prison, the fact that she could not marry him with great fear that she would return to live under the threat of her elder brother Ramiro, she did not want to go back to live with him under the roof Because she knew that maybe his fault in Ledmarro would have to spend the rest of his life in prison when they were far apart for good.

Rosalina swears she will always love Bledmarro and not be with anyone else but him. Because for her he is the only one and she did not want to believe that poor Baldemaro would have to be without her and she wanted to run straight to his arms.

Rosalina was crying from a hiding place and she wanted Ramiro to cooperate with Alba, causing Belmedero to go out of jail because she wanted to get married, but Ramiro forced poor Rosalina to let the love she have for Baldamaro and marry Everesto have, Because he was the richest man in all of Mexico.

Rosalina is not ready to marry Everesto because she will never love him. Ramiro slaps her for just being a spoiled girl who lives with the golden spoon inside her mouth and warns that if she doesn’t do everything he commands, she will bear the consequences.

Rosalina did not want to marry Everesto in any way, even if Ramiro wanted her to marry the only one she would love all her life would be the one and only, Baldamaro. Amelia asks Silberio why he is behaving to his son Bledmarro so that he is just a simple gardener and he loves his job very much. Everesto tells Marianella that Baldamaro will always be the name of a female rapist and he will never be able to marry Rosalina.

Rosalina swears to Ramiro that no matter what she does, she will not move on with her life as long as Baldamaro remains in jail.

She would not allow Ramiro to run her life the way he chooses, because Alba was like his partner, it is impossible to know how the business will end.

Alba just wanted to escape the police and steal Ramiro’s affection for his little sister, Rosalina.

She wasn’t ready to say she was Veronica’s real killer and she hated being told that she murdered Veronica so she wouldn’t reveal to everyone what she knew about Alba and Ramiro’s joint plan to separate Rosalina from Bledmarro.

Rosalina did not want Ramiro and Elba to continue to be partners, even though they would now be lovers.

Alba was not found to be Ramiro’s partner at all.

Catalina didn’t know what to do and had no idea how she would now get Baldmero out of jail free and she just wanted to find a way to thwart Alba’s and Ramiro’s evil plan,

She saw in her mind how Rosalina had finally found someone else to marry.

She didn’t want that to happen, she just wanted Baldermaro to go out of jail so he could marry Rosalina.

Rosalina wasn’t exactly aware of what was going on around her and she knew full well that Ramiro wasn’t playing dirty.

Ramiro tells Alba that he will find the way to convince Rosalina to marry Everesto even though she did not love him, she did not know that Marianella was the one who discriminated against him because he touched her and it was obviously wrong. Marianella knew that Baldemarro only loved Rosalina and could not find her love for any other substitute.

But she used her body as an excuse that there was a rape attempt here and no one there could ever prove otherwise. What Baldamro allegedly did was not forgiven by the hurt and insulted Marianella.

Baldamaru didn’t understand what he was doing wrong that he would have to spend the rest of his life in prison, he lay in his cell in mock silence while he didn’t know what was going on with his beloved Rosalina, she must be mad with worry as she thought about what he was going through in prison.

When she does not know that Marianella has blamed him for allegedly abusing her when she explicitly told him she did not feel like him.

Although Baldamaru felt he was innocent and really had no idea Marianella would tell Everesto that she was allegedly raped by Baldamaro.

Me siento solo y toco la guitarra

Me siento aquí y me vuelvo loco de preocupación

Por lo que pasas noches allí sin mí

Confía en el congelador y llora amargamente por no ser


Perdona mi único amor por lo que hice

Te decepcioné mi alma.

rosa desnuda capitulo 7
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