Antolin informs Maiguálida that Baldomero will spend a lot of time in jail and will not marry Rosalina. The disgusted maiguálida enjoys to know it and promises that she will be waiting for it to marry him when it leaves.

Amelia visits Baldomero in jail and he promises that he will go very far to buy Rosalina’s love. The woman asks her son to do things for him and forget the girl, who begins the preparations for her wedding with the help of Alba and Maria Ines, who try to make her feel fulfilled but the girl can not tear from her heart. Baldomero, while with the deal, little by little, Ignacio became obsessed with her despite having resumed his courtship with the stubborn and capricious Deyamanti, who longs to become his wife and the boy is harassed by Nélida, mother of the girl , married to Dr. Leoncio Escobar, who does not agree on the relationship between his daughter and the boy despite being the heir of his uncle’s fortune because he knows the Zavala’s past and does not want to be related to them.

Baldomero leaves the jail and to collapse even more goes to the church and sees how Father Gervasio marries his beloved Rosalina with Evaristo Zavala, sealing the union with a kiss that the man gives to the girl, causing morbid among those present. When the couple leaves the church Rosalina sees his beloved in the distance and suffers irremediably. Ignacio realizes this, who reveals to his mother that his uncle bought a wife and that she is not in love with him while, meanwhile, Baldomero rejects Maiguálida, whom he advises to listen to Antolin if in he really wants to be happy. Then he says goodbye to Amalia and his friend and gets on board a train that will take him north, where he will try to find his fortune and work his destiny.

The wedding party of Rosalina and Evaristo is the event of Cuatzantla and it is in that party that Ramiro meets the fiery Verónica Jeréz, a woman who immediately feels attracted to him and believes that he is a millionaire man because of his bearing. They coincide on multiple occasions and of the attraction between them, Priscila realizes, who immediately tells Julián, who asks her not to interfere in the affairs of her friend’s brother, while Ramiro, encouraged by passion, Surprise Veronica in the bathrooms and right there he makes love while telling him that he had always been looking for someone like her.

Ignacio can not take away the thought of Rosalina and reveals to Magdalena that he has fallen in love with her. The anguished mother forbids her to have contact with that girl and warns her that it is better to return to the capital. Then he prays in the church while he cries, anguished, because he fears that his son and Evaristo will become rivals. And he is not wrong because the boy begins to make friends with Rosalina, encouraged by Evaristo, who proposes to take charge of their business and be a good friend of his new wife, who since the wedding night seeks pretexts not to be deflowered by her hungry and libidinous husband, who assures us that if his wife keeps giving him long he will have no choice but to take her by force to possess what rightfully belongs to him: his virginity.

Cayetana is not happy working for the Andrade because the demands of Alba have tired her. Talk to Maria Inés, who in turn asks her sister-in-law not to take attributions that do not belong to her and remember her position in the house. Furious, Alba insults Maria Ines, to which she makes it known that Ramiro married her for interest because she continues to wallow with furcias beyond measure. Maria Inés slaps her and Alba swears she will take revenge. That is why she contacts Veronica and offers to be his accomplice to make her cousin fall in love, while Maria Inés questions her husband’s fidelity, with whom he discusses the fact that he is violent and leaves the house to escape. with her lover. Then Cayetana advises the woman not to fall in the games of Alba.

Amelia confronts Silverio and despises him for the damage he has done to his son. The man beats her with blows but Antolin appears with a machete in his hand and threatens him swearing that he will not hesitate to kill him if he puts his hand on his wife, who promises to never forgive him for what he did. When the man goes to get drunk she takes his things and leaves Cuatzantla. Soon he discovers it and curses both her and Baldomero, accusing them of being ungrateful.

Rosalina and Ignacio have made friends and spend time together causing this discomfort in Magdalena, who opposes her son’s approach to the girl. His annoyance arouses the curiosity of Evaristo, who asks his nephew if he is interested in his wife. He denies it but can not contain what he feels for her.

Veronica, who knows Orangel, tells her to be determined to be Ramiro’s lover because he had always dreamed of a man like him. Orangel laughs and lets him know that the Andrade are in ruins and will get absolutely nothing from the man. But Veronica does not care what Orangel says. She has become obsessed with Ramiro and is willing to do everything for him.

Magdalena and Leoncio meet and he tries to tell her about the past, when they loved each other and wanted to get married. Magdalena cries and says that her life has been a hell next to her brother Evarísto, who never tires of belittling and insulting her. Leoncio asks him to reveal to the man the truth that he has hidden for years but the woman resists. They are spied on by Orangel, who reveals to Evaristo what he saw and he slaps his sister by having her back home. He warns her that if she behaves like anyone, she will tell the truth of her past to her son, who believes her a saint.

Alba insists on meddling between Maria Inés and Ramiro, who begin to suffer a marital crisis. Cayetana, who knows everyone well, confronts Alba and tells her that she has always been in love with her cousin and that this is the reason why she has always hated Maria Ines. Alba denies it and accuses the servant of being a slanderer but she cries and is touched while she thinks about her cousin, whom she loves deeply and with whom she wants to share everything, although for that she has to get rid of Maria Inés.

Amelia advises Antolin not to lose hope and try to conquer Maiguálida, who will have to convince himself that he is the one who suits him and will give his arm to twist.

Maria Inés asks Alba if she is in love with Ramiro and wants him as a man and not as his cousin. Alba falls silent and ensures that she only wants the man as she is and if she preptects him so much it is because she is someone special and demanding. Then he intrigues by making the long-suffering wife feel bad, whom he blames for the husband’s friendship because of his inability to be a mother. Maria Inés cries and is consoled by Cayetana, who asks her not to pay attention to the intrigues of Alba, who only lives to annoy others. For her part, Alba arranges Ramiro’s underwear and lolls it, passing through her body, almost being about to be discovered by him.

Magdalena intervenes when the man is about to shoot and shouts that Ignacio is his son, shaking them both and being the young man the most harmed because the woman reveals to him that Evaristo is her father and she is his mother, even if they are brothers, decifrandoolo him all . He curses his uncle for what he did to his mother for years, abusing her, and what now causes him to know that he is the son of two brothers. Evaristo relieves himself by mistreating Rosalina, whom he blames for everything. She flees from his side and in the middle of a storm goes to her father’s house, where Alba orders that no one opens the door because he is not welcome. Maria Inés and Cayetana nevertheless ignore that order and welcome the girl, who tells them everything. Ramiro appears, who furiously takes her arm and takes her back to her husband.

Ignacio tries to commit suicide and is discovered by Julian, who takes him to his home, where Priscilla heals him, shakes when he cries and assures him that he has no reason to live because he has lived deceived all his life. In a fit, the girl does not resist anymore and kisses him.

Alba and Maria Inés argue and the second is suspired when Ramiro defends his cousin assuring that she is the only one who understands him. And all this because Alba knows the relationship he has with Veronica and supports him to earn his trust, sure that he will then get rid of the lover to earn his love. On the other hand, Maria Inés ventures with Cayetana, who advises her to leave Ramiro and return to her family, but the wife reveals that she lost her family when she resigned to be with the man she loves. Still communicates with his mother and is discovered by Ramiro trying to leave him for what they struggle and unintentionally throws him off the stairs. The woman goes to the hospital, where she struggles between life and death and finally manages to survive. However, Alba, determined to make Ramiro his own, He decides to kill her by suffocating her with a pillow. This event causes deep pain to Ramiro, who still despises the warmth of his cousin and there is only consolation wallowing with Veronica, which proposes that he now take her to live with him.

Rosalina is locked up by Evaristo, who assures her that from now on she will obey him even if she does not want to. The man retaliates his fury by also mistreating Magdalena, whom Priscilla seeks to tell her what her son is living and to silence her when the woman insists on blaming Rosalina for having her secrets discovered. It is rejected by Ignacio, who tells him that he does not want to know about her or his Evaristo, whom Silverio tries to extort from so the man ambushes him and rolls him over with his truck without anyone witnessing his wrongdoing.

Cuatzantla has returned Baldomero Miguel, owner of the imposing hacienda to which all the people have been invited to welcome him. There Rosalina reencuentra with Cayetana, who tells him to work for the master and lord of the place, keeping his identity until it is presented, surprising everyone, especially his beloved Rosalina, who sees him shudders and even more when he invites her to dance with Evaristo’s consent and reveals that he has made a fortune and has returned for her, just as he did many years ago, when he got out of prison and saw her marry on the arm of another, he attacked him. She cries away, scared, but he reaches her and asks her to speak for what she confesses to him the years of abuse and abuse that she has gone through. He promises that he will help her and kiss her strongly. They are seen by Magdalena, who later, at home, He demands that the woman be unfaithful to her brother. Rosalina reminds him that he was forced to marry and that the two must unite instead of being enemies since both have suffered the evil of Evaristo.

The life of Alba is hell because Veronica treats her with the tip of her foot and does not lose the opportunity to undermine it. Furious and tired, Alba reminds the woman that she is the mistress and mistress of the house of Ramiro, who defends his wife and shudders when Alba reminds him that he is not the absolute owner of everything that his father dies when he inherited his little fortune in equal parts to him and Rosalina, the sole heiress of the house that once belonged to his mother. Ramiro demands to his cousin that street, with a slap, and she, audacious, kisses him passionately and tells him to make her his wife but he rejects her again.

Orangel tells Evaristo that the owner of the hacienda that everyone is surprised is no stranger, but nothing more and nothing less than Baldomero Miguel, who has returned covered in money. Evaristo orders his man to scare the boy so he can leave again but Orangel warns him that it will not be easy since Baldomero is not alone and is supported by his friends and by Ignacio himself.

Amelia and Cayetana have a great friendship and the second always comforts the first one because she suffers for the love that her son has always felt for Rosalina. The servant assures that this love is reciprocated and that Evaristo Zavala and Ramiro Andrade are responsible for the fact that the lovers are not together.

Antolin is happy to see his great friend back at the market, and Baldomero asks him to stop working so hard, loading bundles and crates and better work for him in his farm. When Maiguálida sees him, she cries because she knows that now that she is a millionaire she will have less hope. Baldomero tells the two friends that if he has returned it has been to fulfill the promise he once made to Rosalina.

Nélida and Leoncio live a marriage hell because nobody loves another and although he wants to divorce she refuses to be frowned upon by separating, advised by Deyamanti, who has a relationship with Julian but has set his eyes on Baldomero, whom he considers the best party to get married. That is why he visits him constantly, confronting Ignacio, who knows his intentions and warns him that the boy is deeply in love with someone. This does not stop the ambitious Deyamanti from insinuating herself and wallowing with him.

Magdalena annoys her brother with insinuations about Rosalina and Baldomero, who confronts Evaristo when he appears to threaten him with death if he does not leave the town forever. This time Baldomero is not afraid and after him Ignacio appears to support him. Evarist then reproaches his son for being a traitor who sided with the man who wants to take his wife. Ignacio reminds his father that he bought Rosalina in exchange for keeping Ramiro’s loafer, with whom the man talks to let him know that he is not willing to continue keeping him for five years, and he paid very well for marrying him. to her sister. Ramiro threatens his enemy with telling the people what they have done but the man is not afraid of gossip because he knows he is feared.

Rosalina and Evaristo argue constantly and he tries to make love to her but she rejects him to the point of being violent and confronting him, revealing the disgust she feels towards him. This one, scorned, slaps her and tries to rape her but she breaks a piece of glass in his head and runs off towards the hacienda of Baldomero, to which he begs to help her. He hugs her and promises that nothing and no one can separate them. They are supported by Amelia and Cayetana, who promise the girl that with them, no one can harm her.

AUGUST 2016. Father Gervasio has served as a mediator between Magdalena and Ignacio, whom he manages to reunite so that they can reconnect and smooth things out. The woman speaks badly of Rosalina before her son, who defends her despite the opinions of her mentor, to whom she asks why she hates her so much knowing that she is another victim of Evaristo. Magdalena repsonsabiliza that for years she and her son have distanced more Ignacio makes him understand that it is not like that. He asks her to leave her brother’s house and she lets this man know, who mocks her and frightens her that if he leaves he will die in misery because he will not protect her anymore.

Baldomero rounds the house of Evaristo Zavala and is surprised by Orangel, who threatens him with a firearm. The boy says he is not afraid of him and asks him to tell his employer that his days next to Rosalina are numbered. Orangel tells his employer, who laughs because he says Baldomero does not know who he is getting into.

Alba discovers that Veronica has affairs with Leoncio and immediately intrigues before Nélida, who goes to Ramiro’s house to ruffle her husband’s lover. Upon learning, Ramiro aboats his wife and demands that he tell her if it is true. She cries, begs her not to mistreat her because she is pregnant. The man is happy with the news but not so Alba, which goes to the market and get some herbs with which he prepares a syrup that begins to put in the food of his enemy, who sees the doctor and tells him that someone He has discovered, telling him about the initiate with Nélida. Leoncio takes his lover in his arms and assures him that the two will divorce and be happy.

Julián and Priscila give their support to Rosalina and advise him that whatever happens, he will not return to Evarísto’s side, who will go to the hacienda of Baldomero to take her out by force, awakening a confrontation between the men. Evaristo threatens with a weapon and only for that reason manages to take his wife, which he locks and leaves in the care of Magdalena, who is willing to help the girl and put an end to the evil and impositions of his brother. Talk to the girl and ask her to behave well while Baldomero and Ignacio plan their escape. And these two, in turn, put together a plan to steal it but Ignacio says it with Deyamanti and alerts Ramiro, who visits his sister and swears that if he does something stupid he will make her repent. Rosalina tells him that there is nothing worse that could have made him sell a mean man like Evaristo. Then Ramiro meets with Felipe Quintero, a powerful man with whom he is willing to do business putting as guarantee the house where he lives. Felipe is amazed to see that the property belongs to Rosalina. Brazen, Ramiro assures that his sister ignores that and that he has an inheritance that his father left him, same that he will use to make his own money. Felipe accepts the guarantees of man, who is determined to everything. Ramiro says his sister ignores that and that he has an inheritance that his father left him, which he will use to make his own money. Felipe accepts the guarantees of man, who is determined to everything. Ramiro says his sister ignores that and that he has an inheritance that his father left him, which he will use to make his own money. Felipe accepts the guarantees of man, who is determined to everything.

Antolin advises Baldomero to be patient and not act immediately against Evaristo or else he will retaliate against Rosalina, who will pay the consequences of his wrath. Ignacio supports him and assures that Magdalena is on his side and will know how to take care of the girl, whom the husband insists on making his own. They are joined by Priscila, who finds a great friend in Ignacio and begins to feel something for him.

Maiguálida goes to Evaristo to tell him Baldomero’s plans and the man offers to help him and only then can he be happy with his greengrocer. She decides to put herself on his side.

Evaristo and Rosalina present themselves to offer their condolences to Ramiro, whom the brother-in-law suggests he has a bad hand with the women because they all die because of their lack of tactics when using their violence. Then Rosalina is terrified when Alba assures her that now she will be his brother’s wife and finally occupy the rightful place in the house. However, her happiness is short-lived because Cayetana, who has also attended, discovers in the kitchen residues of the herbs with which Alba poisoned the occident and is terrified to remember that these herbs were found many years ago. Scared, she says with Amelia that maybe Alba is a murderer.

Ramiro receives the condolences of Felipe, who tells him that his younger sister’s signature is necessary so that the documents that guarantee him as his partner are valid. For this reason, the man asks Rosalina to sign them and opposes her to read what it is about. The girl refuses and reproaches him for having made her unhappy by marrying her to a vile and evil man in exchange for living comfortably. Ramiro then tells him how little value women have in Cuatzantla and that the only thing they serve is to warm the bed. He tries to force her to sign and they are discovered by Evaristo, who asks what happens without being found out so he takes his wife, whom Ramiro curses because he knows that without his signature there will be no deal with Felipe, who in turn visits Baldomero and lets him know that Ramiro Andrade has taken the bait and his suspicions were true: he lives from what actually belongs to his sister Rosalina, the same one Ignacio and Baldomero take from the house with the help of Magdalena, who leaves with them, awakening the wrath of Evaristo when he discovers that they have abandoned him. The man decides to go in search of his wife to the hacienda but the entrance is denied because of the street swears that they will be paid.

Rosalina and Baldomero are in the confessional of the church thanks to Gervasio, who has become an accomplice of the boy, who asks his beloved to be patient because he has not stopped loving her and will save her from the clutches of her husband. he asks him to prepare to flee with him. They stay in one night and poor Rosalina goes home accompanied by her own husband, who does not leave her for a single moment.

Alcides discovers Maiguálida speaking amicably with Orangel so that finding her alone accuses her of being a traitor. She blames herself and makes it clear that each one plays her game as she pleases. Alcides warns him that if he betrays Baldomero he will not only reject her as a woman, but also as a friend and he will have earned his hatred.

Amelia tells Rosalina everything that Baldomero had to go through in the city to overcome until he found Felipe, a kind man who helped him from the first moment and gave him education and work so that he could make a small fortune in a short time, all with the boy’s only hope of returning to Cuatzantla for his beloved. The suffering Rosalina cries and claims to be afraid to flee because Evaristo will seek her to the last corner of the earth and force her to remain at his side. However, he prepares his things when his beloved sends him a message to tell him that they will flee that same night.

Evaristo is drunk and Maiguálida alerts him and Orangel that Baldomero and Rosalina will flee the town. The man goes to the farm to find Rosalina, whom he tries to take by force, putting together a quilombo in which he confronts Baldomero, who sinks him to blows to prevent him from taking his beloved. Everything gets complicated when someone arrives to break the news that Ramiro is dying in the hospital after murdering Dr. Leoncio Escobar. Evaristo then confronts Magdalena, who swears to her that it is near the day when she burns in the flames of hell. The man pushes her and tries to prevent his wife from going out with Baldomero but she does it: he gets on his beloved’s horse and leaves with him while Evaristo pursues them in his truck, from where he shoots them until he loses them. The man does not realize when suddenly he has already fallen into a ravine. He falls asleep due to alcohol without realizing that his unit’s gasoline is leaking.

Julián and Antolín advise Baldomero not to step back and be patient to be with Rosalina or else everything he has achieved will come down. Then he talks to Ignacio about what he feels for Priscilla, with which his friend wishes to marry. Julian gives him a hug because he is convinced that he is the man who will make his sister happy.

Rosalina goes to look for her brother and surprises Alba talking to him and telling him that he deceived him because Leoncio did not kill Veronica, but she, as well as the spawn he expected and as he did years ago with Maria Inés, and all for him, to be only yours. The man grabs her by the neck, which squeezes her to kill her but Rosalina intervenes and avoids it, receiving in return insults from Alba, who tells him that he also killed his mother with the same poison with which he killed Veronica, unlike that on that occasion the woman died preferring that her daughter live, who always had to grow up feeling guilty for the death of her own mother. Rosalina cries bitterly and Cayetana appears to slap Alba,

Alba, horrified, shouts that this is not true but the morbid Ramiro confirms it. The deranged woman leaves the clinic in a sea of tears and when she gets home she breaks everything, wondering why nobody wants her while Ramiro tells Rosalina that she owns a fortune and owns her parents’ house. He apologizes for the damage that made him fearful of knowing himself in misery. After she gives it to him, the man dies.

Evaristo reacts of the accident and takes a terrible surprise to see how the electric cables of his truck make contact with gasoline. He shouts in horror and the unit explodes panicking all Cuatzantla, a town that wakes up mourning as the three most important families of the place are in mourning. However, no one goes to the burial and burial of Evaristo, except for Father Gervasio, who gives him a Christian burial and then visits Magdalena to reproach him for his lack of Christianity. The woman says that for the first time she feels free and does not regret that her brother has died, because deep down she always wished it and she does not regret that feeling.

Orangel surprises Maiguálida alone and she asks him to give her the money they agreed on. He, drunk, laughs perversely and brutally rapes her. Then she tries to stick a knife that he snatches to kill her, stabbing her and then burying her in a vacant lot and fleeing the town. But Antolin has seen him burying something and goes to extract the body, taking an unpleasant surprise to discover who it is.

Baldomero swore to Rosalina to say that finally the two can be happy because there is nothing and no one to separate them. He asks her to be his wife and she asks him for a year, since he wants to mourn for his brother and father.

A YEAR AFTER: Alba curses everyone inside her cell and is visited by Rosalina, who tells her that she will marry Baldomero and finally she will be very happy. The evil Alba wishes her the worst of luck, as well as having the same luck as Maria Inés and never being a mother. Rosalina laments that her cousin has never found true love and has been so unhappy because she has become a despicable being. She tells Añba, who only looks at her with hate and demands that he leave and never come back, because he hates her.

Orangel is desperate because he has no money or work, so he returns to Cuatzantla and goes to Ignacio to ask for work but this does not do more than turn him over to the authorities for the murder and rape of Maiguálida. The man is sentenced to many years in prison.

Priscilla and Ignacio are completely happy and await their first child. This fills with joy Magdalena, who goes to the church to give the good news to Father Gervasio, who congratulates the parents.

Antolin has not forgotten Maiguálida but is convinced that love will come to his life soon and it is like that, because the farm comes to work a beautiful servant who falls in love with him from the first moment he sees him.

Julián returns after a year traveling around Europe, surprising Priscila, whom he congratulates for her pregnancy, as well as Ignacio. The three meet at the hacienda with Baldomero and Rosalina, who announce that they will marry at the end of the month and have invited all the people to witness their happiness.

Cayetana visits Alba in prison and the whole happiness of Rosalina, which I overcome all the misfortunes of which she was intellectual author and sometimes even executor. Alba however does not regret anything and lives clinging to a photograph of Ramiro, to which he swears that if they were not together in life they will be in eternity. He manages to get a dagger with which he cuts his throat

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