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Are there enough lines about rain? Because I think I have a new pair of shoes, and I am ready for all of them to be written.
Letter by letter.
For when I will walk on windy streets,
With my short sleeved shirt on,
I will remember.
For wandering the darker, ugly roads alone.
Never stopping, for I don’t get cold.
Running in the wrong direction, jumping over section after section.

Like a white feather in this dirty weather, I will cross bridges.
All the bridges.
I will take the train to a different station, but I already can’t wait to come back to you.
I promise.
It must be an uncomfortable situation,
I’m just not sure where am I supposed to go.
I would like the stars to show, but those city lights will never let us look.

I know you love me.
I know, I know.
And I will write you letters,
And you will not like them.
But I will write, for you to have.
For you.
I will come back without my raincoat,
And you will not like it.
But I will fall asleep under your starry blanket, and you will know it’s better off that way.

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מקסים, גורן מלכת הספרייה. תראי מה אהבה עשתה לך❤️????

03/04/2018 18:48

    כן! אני מלכת הספריה! ואנחנו צריכות לשבת מתחת לעץ שלנו שוב! (אם עדיין לא כרתו אותו).

    03/04/2018 21:17
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