Thoughts of life.

Strength. 17/10/2017 434 צפיות אין תגובות

I sit and think to myself, just thoughts of life. I think about it, there are problems in life. There is nothing to do, there are problems in life and there will always be. I think there are good times and there are less good periods, and we are not robots that can fix our emotions at any moment. I think we have so much to learn from life, and sometimes it’s even frightening how surprising life is.
I mostly sit and think about being an optimistic person. I’m just such a person, it’s something I’ve planted in my personality, it’s fixed in me. Even in the most difficult moments, I have hope and I know that I am happy, that I will overcome all difficulties and what does not kill makes me stronger.
 Yes, sometimes I break. Sometimes I do not have the strength and I make mistakes, but I never stopped being such a person.
I think people are weak, they’re just fragile. They let the pain take over, they make their life negative without even noticing. They think pessimistic and they give up on themselves, I got to meet people who even liked to feel sorry for themselves and how their life is shit. I do not know what to say about it, in whole or in part, I just feel frustrated for those people, I feel a misunderstanding. Maybe this is the wrong time instead
 Wrong, and perhaps those people will wake up and realize that their time on earth is too limited to waste it on depressions, pity and negativity.
And, frankly, the last period was not the most brilliant. I was a bit more difficult, I went a bit lost, but I found myself anew, stronger. It was a bit harder for me, but in addition to the good things I have right now, there’s more to come, and I just have to be patient and stick to the program. Do not give up, do not surrender. Remember what I started, imagine the future.
I think about wanting to light up the joy, the happiness, the good in each one.
Forget about evil, of all the problems. Just live life, as if there is no tomorrow. I would like people to learn to contain, to love. Leave the hatred behind, it is so not necessary. I would like to change the world. For now, I sit and think to myself, just thoughts about life.

Thoughts of life.
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