Chapter 1 – the time machine

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Carolina did a documentary film about alexander smith with her boyfriend who helped her to do the film which was based about his life with his girlfriend called vittoria.

They were supposed to be married .

That night he disappeared , and no one knew what had become of him.

Oliver hated that Carolina obsessed with her love to alexander.

Oliver wanted to keep her away from traveling in time.

Carolina was oliver`s girlfriend for nine years .

Stil she was madly in love with alexander.

Carolina`s friends , marianna and lucia thought like oliver that she should forget alexander and go on living her life.

Carolina was determined to find out who had shot him.

She decided at that moment to travel in time for 1965 and find out what had really happened to him.

She did not want to say anything to oliver because she knew he would keep her from traveling in time for 1965.

Her grandfather looked at her with pride , who had first discovered alexander smith.

Oliver and Carolina celebrated the flim`s success .

Mariana and lucia accompanied them both.

“I want to know what happened to him, I have to know what happened to him” said Carolina anxiously.

Oliver looked at her angrily.

“ why do you have to travel in time?” said oliver furiously.

“ because I need to know what`s with him! I have to save him,

And it`s pity for the argument.” Said Carolina firmly.

Oliver looked at her nervously and did not know what to do.

Chapter 1 – the time machine
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