Chapter 2 – kiss in holywood movie

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Carolina landed in 1965.

She noticed a black car passing by.

And she saw a lot of fans jumping on handsome guy with chocolate brown hair .

At that moment Carolina melted when she first saw him, the great pop legend.

She thought for a moment she was still in a dream.

Carolina coutinued on her way to find alexander smith`s apartment.

She was more confident than ever.

And she wanted to find out who really shot him.

And why did her disappear on his wedding day with vittoria?

This is the question that has preoccupied her just now, maybe vitorria`s mother shot him and that`s why he`s gone.

She wondered what her friends from the present were doing without her.

Oliver must be mad because he was angry with her.

She feels she must really save him, before something happens to him.

Oliver was frious and did not know what to do with himself.

He looked every five minutes at the clock and he found that if he did not do something , then Carolina do something foolish that she might regret.

“ I going to stop Carolina now .

We can not let her to travel in time.” Cried oliver firmly.

“ do you have a better idea , wise guy?” mariana said sarcastically.

“ you helped her with the documentary film, so it`s only your fault!” lucia balmed him.

“ so what are we going to do?” oliver asked desperately .

“ we`ll going to stop her now, we have to get her ahead before she gets us and travel in time.” Said mariana decisively.

Mariana , lucia and oliver decided at the same time to stop Carolina and return her to 2014.

Carolina entered alexander smith`s apartment hesitantly , she noticed alexander and his girlfriend, vittoria swimming in the pool of streams.

She looked at them in embarrassment and said noting.

Vittoria looked at him for a long time.

When alexander came out from the pool of stearms and noticed Carolina.

He wondered who the uninvited guest was.

“ who are you? And why do you suddenly go into my apartment?

Get out of here before I call the police!” alexander was annoyed.

“ I have an explanation , I came from the future to save you.” Said.

Chapter 2 – kiss in holywood movie
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