Chapter 3 –Carolina and alexander

Carolina did not know what to say.

She looked at him in embarrassment.

Alexander did not know what to say either.

“ you are fine?” Said alexander in astonishment.

Carolina looked at him in amazement and she was still in shock.

“ i`ll be fine , do not worry.” Said Carolina shyly.

Alexander went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to serve her a bottle of coke.

Carolina smiled at him and shrugged her shoulder without a word.

“thank you very much!” said Carolina , smiling shyly.

“it will help you a little , why are you embarrassed?” asked alexander earnestly .

Carolina still thought she was in a dream and she would soon wake up.

“ oh , I know , you`re the Spanish teacher , right? Why did not yoy tell me before , it was easier.” Said alexander and smiled at Carolina.

“ what , no??? “ she said, embarrassed.

“all right ,now I understand that rene hired you from argentina to teach me Spanish , right?” said alexander with a smile.

Oh , he`s taking to me , I thought it was just a dream. Until I wake up a little .

All oliver had forbidden me to do. I thought I was dreaming about alexander smith , thought Carolina in her heart.

“ you`re alexander smith , right?” said Carolina .

“ yes , I think.” He said in confusion and looked at her for a long time.

“ you think so?” said Carolina , laughing .

“ yes , I think .” said alexander ,laughing to himself.

Carolina did not know what to do with herself in shyness.

“ I was really in 1965? I`m sure i`m in a dream.” She said and did not believe she was really in 1965.

“ welcome to 1965! “ said alexander, smiling at her.

“ will I introduce you to my friends?” said alexander.

“ sure , l`d love to get to know them a little more deeply .” Carolina exclaimed.

Nikoholas and William descended from the steps , looking at Carolina intently.

“ hey , how are you ,you can call me nico , and you , what are you doing here?” nicoholas asked.

“ this is Carolina , she`s coming to teach me Spanish .” alexander replied instead.

“who is this gorgeous beauty?” William said in shock.

“ very nice , ma`am , William for you .” William said with smile in love and raised her hand to him.

“ it`s my pleasure.” Said Carolina , still smiling.

Oliver , mariana and lucia did not know what to do , they were late.

Carolina was gone unknowingly. Oliver`s anger began to rise.

“ I don`t know what to do.” Said oliver furiously.

“ it`s your fault that Carolina disappeared , think for yourself how you`re taking her back.” Mariana accused oliver .

“ I don`t come back without her.” He cried firmly.

“ you`ll see . Carolina will have to overcome her obsession.” Lucia exclaimed gravely.

The group was at a loss.

Chapter 3 –Carolina and alexander
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