Chapter 4 – vittoria

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Alexander and Carolina exchanged glances.

They did not know how to break the oppressive slience between them.

Carolina was in shock and she looked at him in embarrassment.

The words were at the tip of his tongue and he tried not to be embarrassed .

“ what do you think that instead of being slient without saying a word ,I will sing a song in Spanish?” alexander suggested awkwardly.

Carolina smiled and nodded her head in affirmation.

Alexander got up and went to pick up the guitar he had set aside.

He started playing and singing. Carolina looked at him fascinated by him and his singing.

She felt she was in a dream, and akexander sang like an angel singing about love.

She wanted to tell him he was a wonderful singer .

But she was ashamed to say what she was thinking about him aloud.

It was the first time she had ever heard him sing, and the truth was that that moment she had fallen in love with him even more then ever.

She looked at him with glittering eyes as he finished the song and got up to put the guitar on the couch.

“wow!” he said , looking at Carolina for a moment.

“wow , that was a pretty impressive performance.” Carolina exclaimed with a fascinated smile.

“ second , let`s take a break , I need to breathe for a few minutes.” Alexander cried in confusion and breathed deeply to relax.

Suddenly , vittoria, alexander`s girlfriend emerged from nowhere and smiled at him.

“ I also think it was wow!” cried vittoria with an admiring smile.

“ vittoria ?” said alexander , astonished .

She went over to him and gave him a long kiss on the lips.

Carolina looked at them smiling.

“ and who is she?” vittoria asked curiously .

“ that`s Carolina , my Spanish teacher , renne hired her from argentina to teach me Spanish.” Alexander replied briefly.

“ oh yes?” vittoria with a condescending smile.

“ do not worry , witty , l`m not with her to make you jealous.” alexander tried to calm vittoria .

“ it does not interest me , yo do it just to be jealous , do not you?” vittoria asked nervously .

“ is not she cute?” alexander asked ‘ smiling at her.

“ yes , really , sweetheart I want to die.” She slapped him with nerves.

“ what do you have, witty? Why are you doing jealous scenes now?” alexander asked vittoria in amazement.

“ you and I have not finished taking yet, do not forget what I told you , if you want to stay with your teacher in Spanish !” she snapped at him angrily and she left in bitter tears.

The group did not know what to do.

Oliver realized that he had to make a plan to get Carolina back to 2014.

“ do you think she`s in danger there?” said mariana anxiously .

Chapter 4 – vittoria
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