Chapter 5 – Carolina faints

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Carolina did not know what to say.

Alexander looked at her and smiled .

She did not understand why he looked at her like that.

She did not want to make them fight like that because of her.

She felt bad about vittoria.

Alexander looked at Carolina and thought he was going to go mad soon.

Carolina could no longer keep what she felt in her stomach and she began to cry bitterly .

Alexander could not console her and looked at her in embarrassment.

Carolina felt she needed to know where the suitcase was with her. She was on time.

She got up and decided to do something.

“ where are you going ,caro?” asked alexander curiously.

“ i`m going to look for my suitcase, with which I have been traveling on time , I must find it as soon as possible . otherwise I will be lost all my life.” Said Carolina in frustration.

“ let me help you find the suitcase. I know exactly where it is.” Said alexander with mysterious smile.

“ how do you know where she is?” Carolina asked him , looking at him suspiciously.

She did not know if he wanted to cooperate with her.

She was not sure he was telling the truth.

“ do you really want to help me?” Carolina asked incredulously.

“ I just want to help you, why do not you believe me?” alexander said in a disappointed tone.

Carolina sighed and breathed as deeply as she could.

“ well ,I admit I was wrong , sorry again. I promise it will happen again. Iet`s look for the suitcase together .” said carolina with a forgiving smile.

Vittoria hid in a hidden hiding palace and listened to every word they said.

It seemed to her that alexander was doing this to her that she would be jealous.

Vittoria swore to herself that she would not budge until she found out what these two were up to.

When Carolina and alexander went into his car to search for the lost suitcase.

Carolina tried to turn on the engine but unfortunately it burned.

Smoke began to rise from the trunk.

Carolina wanted to believe she`d imagined . but her eyes did not fool her. It was sure oliver.

What is he doing here?

Carolina could not breathe and she fainted in the car.

Chapter 5 – Carolina faints
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