A day

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The clock is ticking,
counting my secconds.
Try to guess how much time,
will pass until I’ll come back.

The birds are singing,
like the war is not exist.
And it’s summer now,
but winter is what the war consist.

A day, a day when the war will end,
I wish to stay alive,
until that day will come.

The clock is ticking,
and he wish to see me,
the clock is smart, you know,
but he’s young, as smart he could be.

The war is evil,
the war is harvests souls.
And I’m lost inside,
hope I won’t fall.

A day, a day will come,
with a new dawn.
A day will come, I’m sure,
And I’ll see again my son.

A day
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וואווו מדהים ! :]
כתיבה מוווושלמת XD
אהבתי מאוווווד : )

14/01/2012 03:38

מצטרפת לדעתה של עדן וכהרגלך אתה כותב פשוט 100המם ♥♥♥ ממני בקח ♥♥

14/01/2012 05:18
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