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Dear whomever

Orez 21/06/2018 275 צפיות אין תגובות
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Dear father-
I will not let you drag me down
With your judgmental look
Using sticks and stones
For your choice of words
Like I’m an empty valley
As you talk yourself out of every sense
Of mind, beautiful mind
You’ve tried to convince me was wrong
Dear mother-
I am here, I am okay, I am alive
I’m a survivor of a lost time
I’m the one who keeps ignoring Vocal waves-
Words shaped as rusty knives-
They sticking to my bleeding spine
Toxic acid pouring down my roots
As you’ve been mistaken-
This is ‘love’
Perhaps it’s the reason
I could never love myself in your world-
full of hatred, and loneliness
Waiting to bury me alive
As we both are tired of hurricane wars
Dear world-
What a shame I’m still here
And I’m not completely okay
But I will be
As I am meant to be
And will be who the hell I want to be
I will blossom
With my beautiful mind, and soul
Never dragged down
By words.

Dear whomever
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