If it had to be done

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One day the sun’ll rise,
on the people who have the Courage.

One day the sun, will rise above,
the people who doesn’t afraid,
to say out loud their words.
And if must be done,
I want to say,
my last word, dedicated for them.

And if it had to be done,
I would stop to breathe cause I don’t want,
to live in the place where the sun,
is rising upon the Earth,
that Soaked with blood,
of the innocents.
And if it had to be done,
if it must be the end.
I would stop forever my life.
If the sun will stop rise,
this is the better option,
than living inside a pool of a blood.

I could not stop Earth,
I’m nothing, you see?

If it had to be done.

If it had to be done
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19/01/2012 08:47
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