Little Red

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,The forest was deep
,the shadows were dark
.as Little Red jumped up and about

,There was not a soul in the forest
,No one at all
.Yet the little girl had no care in the world

;Perhaps, is was her hood
,Fiery red
.That made her so brave
,Or perhaps it was her basket
,containing goods inside
.for her grandmother’s bed
,But alas, it was the freedom
.to roam as she pleased

:At the back of her head, she heard her mother’s voice, and it said
.Do not stray from the path. Do not roam about. Do not drop the goods’
‘.Do not play in the woods

,But the voice was small, and the world was vast
.and everything was so bright and alive

.So, she roamed about, straying from the path
.And before long, she realized she had lost her way out

.Now the voice grew strong, and she wasn’t alone
.There was something prowling in the shadows
.Something big. Something dark. Something scary. Something sharp

,As the wolf drew in, and the girl drew back
.she realized she should have listened to her mother’s plight
.At the same time, the girl regretted it not
,Because she had made her own choice
.and that was more than she hoped

,So, in a fit of renewed bravery
…the girl threw the basket out, drew her red cloak in, turned around
.and screamed

Little Red
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אהבתי את הרעיון שלקחת את הסיפור על כיפה אדומה ועשית לו טוויסט כזה :)

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    תודה קלואי 🧡

    02/06/2020 11:42
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