our song

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You have to sing, la la la.
you have to dance, one step there one step here,
you have to smile, cause you won’t make it without your smile.
you have to look around you, otherwise you’ll miss the train, miss the train
la la la la la la la, look around you, is any one there?
asking yourself again and again, why you look so sad, tell me why?
are you feel lonesome? well, I can understand you, cause sometimes I feel like you,
but now no more, let the pain go away, stop your tears don’t let them go out.
smile, I promise it will be alright, I’m with you.
I won’t let go, I be there to keep you safe,
I be there to make you smile, la la la la la,
I be there but just sing with me, la la la la la
it’s our song, one step there, one step here and you will make it!

our song
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