She, I, we, Them, sure

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I feel bad and I feel lonely
Premature and so unholy
I feel bad
I feel bad
You’re not into me as I’m into you
Or at least that’s your vibe
And I don’t need you
But I want you
It’s just as simple as that
You were so nice
And now that’s all I think about
Thought I knew what I want
But now it’s clear to me I did not
Careless, careless
Careless thinking
I’m obsessed with overthinking
I don’t believe in all that bullshit
There is no destiny
I knew it
You were selling me lies with those beautiful smiles
Well whatever
Not your saviour
You can deal with it alone
I got problems too ya know
A little attention
She’s crawling and begging
She won’t do it anymore
You were nice to me once but now you’re gone
I need something consistent, not hesitant or fiddle
Won’t settle 4 the middle
Take a step
Do something
But you won’t
You never will
That’s cool, me neither
Mr. Oxytocin where’d you go?
I’m waiting

She, I, we, Them, sure
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