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When the fear sinks
To the sky of loneliness
When the  earth is going in troubles
There’s is no needs to be afraid.

When the lights of the boat  is go away
The horizon started melted over
The glances  are shading in
the darkness.

Sunflowers are brighting
On the filed of hapiness and joy.
Sunflowers in every corner our hearts.

On the bridge the brives are
Trying their luck.
Above the moon and out the

There no reasons to be unhappy people in this world.
The love is reasing all the day.

The dust slide out
Of The road .
The drawed stars on the silk balnket on the shelfs of
wonderland .

Sunsets and sunrises
All the men is joyfull
For the tomorrow that will begins today.

Sunflowers are swing in the storm wind
Brings new hopes
To our life.
Sunflowers tied on the mud
Daydreaming women is awakefull.

The word’s magic
Is not to be upset
Because you got what you wanted.

sunflowers grown in the winter
Sunflowers is my pravite moments  the cicle of the nature.

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