Emotion die

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as I cry to your shoulder . why we broke up I keep to wonder . your love is like no other. he look from the side with his big blue eyes . yes I can see what you find in him. my luck is to be broken. oh damn. well , happy birthday my lost angel . I swear if I had powers I would give up on them to be with you just for one hour. this is the part of life when its hurt the most . memory of the gone and the lost I love every bit of you from the head to toe . from your mind to your soul I would give my all if you would comeback I smile and thankes god everyday . all my. broken emotions will back to be in place no more razer blade . no more schizophrenic attacks . no more pain . finely rest. they say god put you in life through a lot of tests in this one I ready to fail send me with a smile to hell. as long u was here with me every night in hard times in pain and agony . into your green as life eyes I will look. you read me like a book . now I have nothing to
do but to say bye as you hug me. To goodbye. and thank me for. the gift . I was just a gust in your party . now as I broken and sad wish I was dead too. the depression become a friend. so I swallows my tears and don’t talk to not cry . I whisper happy birthday and goodbye . and wait till the time god bring as together hope it’s going to happen soon I going to join to the other. side . .where emotion die

Emotion die
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