Collision of glaciers

Until when the earth
Will continue to roll around us?
You probably remember the days we still loved,
The tears are like a huge ice cube that controls my heart.

The sun burns the skin
Like another promised promise
The fact that you left without a word,
You think to yourself that I do not love you anymore,
Why does love of love make us fools and blind,
Circles only become clearer as the short days become longer.

We dissolve and disappear
And join the glaciers floating on the frozen ocean,
The distances between us grow stronger as we have not spoken for more than five decades.

Soon disaster will happen here,
Soon we will disappear together with the glaciers,
History itself,
She would ask her voice to be heard in every broad.
History will seek to publish the revolution
Which will awaken deep from the depths of the soul.

Collision of glaciers
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