אני יודעת שזה קיטשי אבל החיים שלי קיטשיים.

I miss you.

i_do_not_say_blahblahblah 01/10/2015 590 צפיות תגובה אחת
אני יודעת שזה קיטשי אבל החיים שלי קיטשיים.

I miss you. Day and night miss, I miss you. I miss all the experiences we’ve had and all the adventures. I honking ups and downs, tears and laughter miss. I miss. I’m still sorry, sorry I left. Sorry I did not tell my feelings towards you. I do not know if you were thinking the same thing but at least I was unpacking my heart. I miss the friendly beating our and our personal games. I miss. I miss your gaze, and smile. Miss you. Ranging honking your hair, and your smell amazing. Miss. I want to see you, to tell you in my heart. Our conversations least occasionally provide me a bit. I’m trying to forget you, but I’ll never get. Greatest love you have ever felt. I love you. Miss you. But our love will not be realized anymore. You will find someone else to love you like I loved. I love you.

I miss you.
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