לאהובתי החרוב הקסום 3> בלעדייך אני כלום

Our love and our passion

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לאהובתי החרוב הקסום 3> בלעדייך אני כלום

Get up from your bed!
Spring into action!
Stop acting in such a bad slothish fashion
Life is short and it makes no concessions

So fill your cup with cofee and cheers
And stop fucking wasting the best of your years!
The world could be yours, just get up and grab it!
Any doubt you may have, take your knife and just stab it
out of your heart –
Rip it off, tear it out
And throw it away!
I promise my love, I promise my dear, it’ll all be okay!

So sit in my lap and let me fix you real quick
Yes dear, my love, I know that you’re sick
But I’ll wake you up from your slumber
and get you to work
Just like a clock, I’ll get you to tick

Cause I love you so much
I’m in love with your face, in love with your touch
And just like a drug, my love is so strong
And seeing you frown feels so wrong
Im in love with your song
But lately it’s sad
And it maked my cry, it makes me so mad

I’m missing your smile
Your lips sweet as cherry
I remember before, your smiles were so merry
But lately they’re gone

So let’s clean you up
Get the dirt out your head
Cry it all out
And be done with the sad
Let it fade, drift away
Like dust and like sand

I know that you’re sick
I’ve been there as well
But dear love I promise, all will get well
All will be better, our future is bright
So hold me so close, hold me ever so tight
And hold out your tongue
I have some medicine for our depression
No it’s not Clonex
But our love and our passion

Our love and our passion
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אהבתי… היו כמה מקומות שהחריזה לא כל כך עבדה בהם (לדעתי) אבל סך הכל זה ממש יפה. הרבה זמן לא קראתי משהו עם אופטימיות…

23/06/2018 22:02

    תודה ספיר 💜

    26/06/2018 00:47
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