All I get is the SAD on the top

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They tell you it's only
a sickness
not a severe one
of course!
They can treat you for sure
Don't even bother to tell
all your friends
all you can think of
is that you can't
last time you had
a conversation
with another boy

They tell you it's
not a sickness
just something in
Your brain!
you are really
we'll treat you well-son
all you can think of
is that
you have a daddy
and a mom
you are not their
son unless you are

They tell you it's
-not exactly a sick
ness just something
they can treat pretty
well give you some meds
like es es ar ai-
all you can think of
is that
the letter on the top
of the page
all they
say, starts with es too

They tell you it's
helping most of
the time
but maybe it
es es ar ai is
placebo checked
but all you can think of
the letter on the top
they say
es too
and then ee
and di
like you are

They tell you it's
not okay that you
wont answer
but it's really scary! you
you you know
I can't help it
you want to say
but your
says "i'm
it always does

They tell you it's
gonna be better.
you want to argue,
no, it won't!
you know it won't.
you sad, sad creatue aren't
ya? sad one just like
me and you and me and you
?and- you ta'king now? aren't you talking, son
are you talking inside your head? son, you okay?

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