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broke my favorite teeth,again
wish i could suck you out of my skin
in another diemension,i will make the same mistake
and learn from them,but have the power to reverse time
get to eat the whole thing and leave it whole
so i wouldnt feel so empty,
but you know,that you’re my favorite black hole

oh no,it happend again
you broke my favorite toy,again
oh no,
i made out with you again
like it didn’t mean nothing
we’re just trying to eascape
-you can use me,but it doesn’t matter cause i’m

you wanna live by the side of the road,i’m trying to escape it
i think you might inhaled me by mistake,you think i fake it
can’t stop smoking
zoo life,everything is green and bad and mean
wish i could give you my eyes and stop trying to be seen

they said you were last seen around wearing my own skin

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