The mind could never

Cherriesandwine 14/11/2021 67 צפיות אין תגובות

.The human heart is brave
More than we allow ourselves to
More than we will ever come to

It has the strength
.of a thousand athletes

It has the passion
.of a million wildfires

The human heart never ceases
,to demand the best of us
.to demand the worst of us

,At times
,it wants too much from us
– the seemingly impossible

,Patience, hope, empathy
.selflessness, courage
.And above them all – love

,To love one self
,to love another
.to love humanity

,Even In the face of despair
,under the burden of rejection
.nothing inside changes

.The heart keeps craving
.The heart keeps on loving

.It takes guts
.It takes some sort of madness

.The mind could never

The mind could never
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