The empty Circus show
old song on the undertaker


The empty Circus show 11/03/2015 821 צפיות אין תגובות
old song on the undertaker

i used to fear. him
they used to. chear him
scary rain .sing his name
with a black jacket
that look like a cape
big white eyes
thunder storm on the other side
you can see on his face
that is not the first time they buried him alive
you know this was his line
the dead man raise again. to bring the living dead
one more time on the Last Ride . there is no late
to a man that live and sleep in a grave
some call him demon .other know am as devil slave
show the people. the Hell’s Gate
next to his Death Valley
is a rider a . fighter . time pioneer
The Phenom of the evil kingdom
he’s Building a Tombstone
and put the nail in the coffin
Lord of Darkness. walking
you cant make him please
cause he make you
rest in peace
never a faker,
this the story of
the undertaker

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