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It’s summertime And the livin’ is easy Men propose Not to me And that makes me sleazy

When a sheep rolls in

When the ships comes in I won’t be the first on the shore line I will not believe as others I will not create I will follow. Like a sheep […]

Red sadness

My sadness is chronical, I thought ,No matter what I do I can’t manage to escape it ,Maybe I don’t try hard enough I thought That red thought occurred to […]

Staring at the sun

There’s a hole that’s in my heart It’s real enough to see All of my people are in doubt Trying to convince me it’s not real But no, I know […]

nothing to say

I have nothing to say nothing at all to make you feel okay but I am here waiting for you to notice that I am near and he is not […]

Going in circles

I’m going in circles with my car on the right, shotguns’ sounds on the left, cigarettes smoke gets into my mouth ,I’m listening to the voice of Curt Kobain from […]

Take your time

You told me it’s over And suddenly you weren’t here Just like that You’ve disappeared No time to prepare No time to spare I woke up and you weren’t there […]

Your new me

It’s been a while since we’ve both talked Everyday I hoped to hear a knock But as much as I know, you could be 1000 miles away Having fun with […]

My mixtape

I have never been the ordinary one I wasn’t the one with the akward smile but I sat in the corner and ate my own lunch death visited me every […]


Jane walks around the house with long socks and a white tee when she gets closer she blows some smoke at me she doesn’t care if her red lipstick is […]


All the words I say to make you sweet I try my best to set the mood I mean no harm, girl I was just designed this way And there […]

Summer Rain

For me it will not rain this summer, maybe for you, but not for me. When I lay in bed in the morning, I feel pathetic and I want to […]

Close My Eyes

,Son’ ‘,come here and I’ll tell you a story ,my father used to say ,It’s all about our country’s glory’ ‘.up until this day ,His eyes lit up with sparks […]

If the world was gonna end tomorrow

If the world was gonna end tomorrow I’d tell you I loved you Then I’d turn into space dust And disappear in the dusk

Stupid gender

Boys wear pants Girls wear skirts I’m a girl I wear shorts does it make me less of a girl? Although I’m not a boy? Girls wear makeup Boys do […]

Creep – תרגום

כשהיית פה בעבר לא העזתי לדבר בדיוק כמו מלאך עורך מצמרר ריחפת כנוצה בעולם יפהפה רוצה להיות מיוחד את כל כך מיוחדת אבל אני? אני מלחיץ, אני מוזר מה לעזאזל […]

Lola – “לולה” דודו טסה – תרגום

The language that we’re speaking I’m barking, you’re talking softly You’re crying, I’m losing it I’m telling truth You’re painting me crazy and nuts When you call I am coming […]

lucid dreams – תרגום – הזיות

הצללים שלך עדיין בחדר נתתי לך כבר הכל ומעבר אוהב שונא, לא סגור על התדר וכלום לא בסדר, להכניס בך ת’סדר קל לי לדבר עכשיו, מי ידע שזה המצב הקשבתי […]

The Chase

Everybody is chasing after money Me, I just want to be happy So I’m spending even more

Light is coming

And here I am, standing alone, My Mind is tricking me, spinnin’ like fucking cyclone, In a love affair with my solitude, My head is scorched, like a burnt wood, […]

I Don’t

,I don’t try .of fear to fail ,I don’t run .of fear to fall ,I don’t write .of fear to disappoint ,Sometimes .I do things ,Sometimes .I manage ,But mostly […]

Light & Dark

,The water is deep .dragging me underneath .I can’t see. I can’t hear. I can’t feel. I can’t scream ,There’s nothing but shadows ,darkness .and cold ,I flail, and I […]


.I think it’s time to move on .But I just can’t ,I feel like I have got a big stone that standing by my way .and a strangle arm who […]

“ברוכים הבאים למלון קליפורניה? “/מלון “מכושף” או מלון “האימים” ? #קונספירציות ותאוריות

שלום לכולםםםם :)) אני יכולה לנחש שאם אתם כאן כניראה שגם אתם (כמוני :)) אוהבים תיאוריות וקונספירציות שונות, פסיכולוגיה, אגדות אורבניות, המפלצת מלוך נס.. (LOL). בכל אופן החלטתי ללכת לכיוון […]


?Can you be the color Because now you’re just a light visions of your smile, flux into my soul concave and convex at all times and my emotions can’t decide […]

Her Eyes

When I look into her eyes I see the future Her voice paints a picture Of a house on a hill With a willow tree nearby And a sunset fading […]

Tragedy of Silence

Could you imagine a world without sound? Such an empty and cold world it would be without it How could I go a lifetime without hearing the sound of a […]

Tiptoeing around Love

I once stepped into love.. I was all in. It was wonderful. I felt like I was moving forward in this comfortable box of love with my partner, flashing through […]

Lost pearls – A song about the Pearl Harbor attack

Lost pearls They are gone from the world Lost in time, and lost in space Lost their life, to their faith Lost pearls Fighting just to be gone Time goes […]

Listen To Your Body

Sometimes you feel it in your veins Cause you thinking you are brave You never giving up Cause you burn like a star And the sky is clear Not too […]


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