I Want to Scream

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I want to scream
I want to scream at every person who looks through a dictionary looking for every pessimistic definition
I want to scream at every woman who made a man feel less of a man for not acting like a man should in her perfect hazel eyes
I want to scream at every politician who built a throne made of neat stacks of cash fueled on power given to him by the week whom he promised so much while spitting on them between every charmed lie
I want to scream at every teacher who made an innocent and beautifully creative child cramp into her nicely fitting tight box of her idea of normal while shunning those who can’t fit as a leper for being stupid and problematic
Mostly, I want to scream at every human who won’t open their eyes to the beauty of the world
To every human who won’t believe in the good in humanity and won’t dare to dream of a better world because of the fear they might feel compelled to change it

I Want to Scream
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I want to scream because people should have more compassion and understanding and peace between one another.
I want to scream because the world’s expectations are way too much and way too harsh, and because not everyone can fit into those boxes of what’s right.
I want to scream because no matter how much I scream I’m almost never heard.
But this poem makes me feel a little bit better. Because I’m not the only one screaming. There are so many people screaming with me :)

01/03/2018 17:09
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