Moral Upstart

or19937 26/02/2017 823 צפיות 2 תגובות

I'm not appropriate.
Hate me if you must.
So reprehensible,
You can't even trust.

They say I'm deplorable
With a vindictive heart.
They polished their rhetorics
To a state of art.

But what if I managed,
If for a start
I would explain to them
My countering part?

Would they even listen,
Or would they outsmart
Me and my logic?
This moral upstart.

תגובות (2)

well, i won't
(as long as your logic is logical)

26/02/2017 20:12

    Most of the time the conversations and debates I'm refering to are opinion-based. But yeah, I try to be more reasonable and logical rather than emotional.

    27/02/2017 14:38
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