golden rose

hades 20/05/2016 408 צפיות אין תגובות

There was a time you let me know
What’s really going on and on
Inside your head outside of sight
But recently you don’t have the time
You used to hold me dear in your arms
Hold me tight until it lasts
What happened then what happens now
Will never become one

What’s the name
And where she went
That is not my sin to keep
If you want you know it well
You have to beg you have to tell
Who is the one you love the most
To whom you whisper in your thoughts
With whom you kiss inside your dreams
In my wildest dreams I scream

Time sure flies and we all change
Someday you will feel the same
The agony and the flame
The broken heart and the shame
There was a time you let me know
But now it sealed inside your throne
There was a time, there was a dawn
I could see it clearly all

What’s the truth and what’s the lie
There is no difference for a while
Sometimes we hurt sometimes we chase
The broken dreams, the winning ace
It lasts for a second then it fades
The victories and the hells
What we all are fighting for
A golden rose, a silhouette
Of somebody we’ve never met

golden rose
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