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Just space and all it brings – pt3

Listening to both Alexia’s directions and aimimg at the enemy craft was an impossible mission. And Nexton scrapped the bottom and the wings of the craft on a few comets. […]

Just space and all it brings – pt2

The next 18 minutes passed by in a breeze. Alexia kept nagging him with the distance of the enemy ships from him and he had to keep focusing her on […]

Just space and all it brings

בהתחשב שהסצנה מתחילה באמצע הסיפור אני חייבת לכם אקספוזיציה קצרה לעלילה. השנה היא 2148 בני האדם כבר לא חיים על כדור הארץ ומפוזרים על כוכבי לכת שונים ברחבי היקום, תחת […]

You are fine

And in the midst of it all I found peace, I found victory. .And it’s the kind of peace you wouldn’t typically classify as one Peace in harmony. Peace that […]

The Rippling Chronicles | #1 Prologue

There have been numerous stories told Passed over and over I was never the storyteller type; Now I am one. Against my better judgement I write these words for generations […]

Sick Wires – Hired (2)

Finding myself in a class again was an odd experience. I had to quit college due to the passing of my father and had to start paying off the mess […]

Sick Wires – Hiring (1)

It was late morning and I was staring at the ink lines spread on a fresh white paper that depicted a sum of money I was quite unsure was legal […]


Surrounded by your touch, Surrendered to your glance, It feels like I’m stuck in this limbo of feelings, Endless borders that seem insurmountable, Is this a hell that I can’t […]

Falling apart

I’m at the deepest depths, the darkest black, Trying to find my way out, but the nightmares are always coming back, they’re on repeat, a mind feast, I’m seeing the […]

The red

Red is taking control over my brain, Fragile mind is tripping, All I wanna do is damage some pain, It tears me apart, I’m just a dying piece of art, […]


Like a snake, I, Shedding my skin as days passes by, Changing constantly in a blink of an eye, I’m at peace at last, let my past to die. Everything […]


I fall, I rise Sometimes pale, sometimes shines, Sometimes fail, sometimes thrives, All beautiful things have and scratches and dents, Perfectly imperfect, I’m a beautiful disaster.

Broken Heart

You can live with a broken heart, It’s ok, the heart isn’t smart, But he isn’t a fool either, ‘Cause he is like a flower, wants to go higher. Sometimes […]

Angel & Devil – Prologue

.And there I was .Kneeling, my head bowed .And there he was .Sitting on a black throne. The devil. The most dangerous being of all .And there they were His […]

Thousand doors-Chapter tow

Thousand doors-Chapter tow set on the bench. I felt…paralysed. I couldn’t stay at town anymore, but at the same time, I didn’t new where the fuck was I. I knew […]


Well since I’ve seen this genre exist, I decided to go for it. “Yo! Is this the last horizon institute?” A young girl bursts into the entrance hall through the […]

Thousand doors-Chapter one

Thousand doors-Chapter one.   Hello, my name is Jey, and now, I know what’s gonna happened; you’ll read you read my story, and you’ll think: ” wow! That so cool! You […]

Top Players” – chapter One- “

CHAPTER 1 “Dark Business” Ema! he shouted loudly, while I was in the next room lost in deep thought. thinking about Paris or maybe Vages…? can’t choose! I deserved this […]

“Top Players”

“one women, one man, one mission, but so many mysteries to be solved. Ema is a secret agent, she works for “Top” secret agency company underground. Ema has never really […]


Heartbreak is like female orgasm. Some people never experience it, and they never know it. Until they do… …and then they wish they never had. Strong feelings is what allows […]


I learn Learn every time I fall How to make another feather to my wings of hope I know it’s not over But still I found powers inside.. That tell […]


Yael walked some distance in front of me in an annual memorial ceremony. We walked with slow steps along a tree line with a serious expression on our faces. Yael […]


Vassili relaxed on his seat expecting another day of casual indolence. The daily newspaper was lying on the table in front of him, and during the next half-hour, he will […]


The women of Mozart’s operas are strong, they know what they want, and also know how to achieve what they want. Compared to them, the men are all inept. And […]

Old Chinese Legend

The Emperor of China got sick. The best physicians tried to heal him but failed. A wise old physician finally arrived, examined him and said that the Emperor would be […]


During the last days of work, they arranged a seminar for retiring people. We sat in a circle and a leader, probably a psychologist, was trying to prepare us for […]

The stories I never got to tell – introduction

This might sound cliche but despite what you’ll hear in these stories I DO love my partner. He is sweet and caring. He gave up so much of himself to […]

Urgent Meeting

On Thursday night I received a message to come to an urgent meeting with the lawyer in the city. They didn’t say what for. His office was in the old […]

only one

We have only one, so don’t you dare to brake her. To hurt her. We have only one, so don’t take her away, don’t let her run. We have only […]

50 real facts about me!

Hey everyone! What’s going on ? And thanks for returning to more video of me [Lol, this is not a video, I’m laughing with you seriously] So today I want […]

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