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Welcome To HELL Chapter #3
13/01/2011 1304 צפיות סיפורים באנגלית 2 תגובות

Chapter #3Being kidnapped by mountains I started seeing the bar that Ramkov was talking about; I started running and I saw a lot of demons like in the movies, for […]

Welcome To HELL Chapter #2
10/01/2011 1005 צפיות סיפורים באנגלית 2 תגובות

Chapter #2Free ride form demons When I woke up everybody was running and screaming everywhere, I went outside to see want is going on and then I saw something so […]

Welcome To HELL Chapters #1,2
08/01/2011 1230 צפיות סיפורים באנגלית 8 תגובות

Introduction Hey, my name is Posef Mercury, I’m sixteen years old. I live with me mom and dad and a little sister named Kate. My mom is a teacher in […]